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Learn Brand Marketing Secrets & Decode the Majors in less than an hour. 

Learning these best practices techniques makes marketing an easy process that produces predictable results.

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  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Rollout
  • ROI Marketing

Adhere to the process and succeed.

Every endeavor, from heart surgery to cabinet making, has a process. Process insures that results are predictable. It eliminates trial and error and removes luck from the equation.

When you invest your marketing dollars, you expect a return on investment. To see that you get it, we've developed a process that combines the best practices of marketing into three easy steps. Following the process reveals the Sales Moment for your company, product or service. Focused and consistent marketing of your Sales Moment delivers a greater return for your marketing spend.

First, we position your brand by finding the one idea that tilts sales in your company's favor.

Second, we create work to communicate your brand message consistently-turning every point of customer contact into both a branding and a selling opportunity.

Third, we determine the true value of your customer, and make sure the cost of customer acquisition never exceeds it.

Clients that adhere to the process make more money. If this process excites you, we have a lot to talk about

Brand Positioning

Every company or product has a sweet spot. That single idea that tilts sales in its favor. BMG finds that sweet spot or strategic positioning and communicates it both visually and verbally through name (where necessary), logo, tagline, and campaignable marketing image. This creates a brand. When a midsized company creates a clearly defined brand, sales jump and the company goes to the next level.

To find the sweet spot, BMG interviews customers individually to determine desires, interviews management to determine strategic advantages, and studies the competition to find exploitable weaknesses. Through this triangulation the strategic brand position emerges.

The process begins by positioning your brand around the sales moment for your product/ service.  This ensures that all marketing communications are as focused soley on generating sales. Click for details and creative examples.

Brand Rollout

When a company communicates its brand consistently at every point of customer contact it looks bigger and breaks through the clutter. Consistency of message makes it easy for customers to choose you.

Generally (moving from lowest to highest cost) we start with your people. Getting them on one message. Then, BMG designs the website, brochures, rolls out the PR, direct mail, event marketing, and ads (including print, TV, radio). Tactics are customized for each brand depending on the strategic and financial goals of the company.

The same brand team that created the brand strategy writes, designs, and manages the marketing tactics. This creates rapid implementation, prevents brand dilution, and insures quality.

The tactics executed vary, depending on your company's marketing needs. Consistent brand design and brand messaging by BMG makes your business look larger and break through the clutter faster. Perception quickly becomes reality. Our approach leverages every customer touchpoint to build brand and increase sales.

  • Print advertising
  • Radio advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Website design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Packaging design
  • Brochure design
  • Direct mail
  • Media planning and buying
  • Advertising campaign photography
  • Public Relations
  • Web banners
  • Keyword marketing
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Signage design
  • Partner marketing
  • ROI Marketing

    Every business has a magic number. It's the profit on your customer for the lifetime of that customer discounted back to today's dollars. As long as you are acquiring a customer for less than they are worth, you are making money.

    BMG is unique in its financial approach to brand building and advertising. Everything is done with a firm eye on the value of your customer. Using our Align MethodTM, BMG helps CEOs, CFOs, and VPs create Return on Investment models for their advertising to determine proper marketing budgets to achieve their financial and strategic goals. These models are then used to identify what tactics to take up and what to give up.

    Our brand specialists make sound recommendations on how to lower customer acquisition costs and acquire more profitable customers. As long as you acquire customers for less than the lifetime value of a customer, you are making money. When you can dramatically lower customer acquisition costs and acquire more profitable customers, you're really making money.

    • Programs to lower customer acquisition costs
    • Retention programs to increase customer value
    • Upsell programs to increase customer value
    • Advertising tracking and monitoring
    • Partner marketing
    • Brand extensions

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