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Learn Brand Marketing Secrets & Decode the Majors in less than an hour. 

Learning these best practices techniques makes marketing an easy process that produces predictable results.

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The Right Fit • The Right Process • The Right Results

Particularly in advertising, the right fit, the right process, creates the right results.

The Right Fit 
We are interested in taking on new clients, but we are not the right fit for all clients. We want you to find the branding and advertising agency that can best help your business. BMG is the right branding and advertising agency for: (Click each line for detail)

Businesses whose Founder, CEO, President, or top management want to be involved in marketing decisions.

BMG works at a strategic level to help a company discover the single idea that will tilt sales in a company's favor. This is often the one thing the company can be best in the world at. Since all the branding and advertising will flow from this one idea, it is essential the foundation be sound and consensus be achieved among management. Consensus occurs through their collaboration. If we do not have direct access to the top decision makers in the company and their participation in the brand positioning phase, we can not accept an assignment.

Good businesses that can deliver on the Operations and Finance and just need better marketing.

Good businesses that can deliver on the Operations and Finance and just need better marketing.You have a good business when your company is great at delivering on its product or service and can effectively manage the business' finances.Good businesses become great businesses when they can kick in the third engine of business, brand marketing. If you have these other two engines, BMG can deliver on great brand marketing for you.

Businesses who want to take a disciplined approach by using brand marketing best practices.

Branding and advertising is mature science. For both B-to-B marketing and B-to-C marketing, there are well documented best marketing practices. There are right and wrong ways of doing things in marketing. Seasoned CEO's tell us consistently, BMG is the first agency who can clearly explain the marketing process and how each step should be done.We enjoy sharing our best practices as this helps our clients make informed marketing decisions. BMG will provide tenacious discipline to keep your company on the path of best practices in marketing, as these best practices provide the most consistent results.

Companies that need help explaining what they stand for in one sentence.

Here's the simple test. Ask ten people on your staff what your company stands for. If you don't get the same answer, you have a brand problem.Ask ten customers what your company stands for, if you don't get close to the same answer, you have a brand problem. The James Group fixes this, creating brand power.

Companies in a sales slump or at a sales plateau.

Most midsized businesses hit a plateau they can't seem to break through or the marketplace changes, causing a sales slide. This usually occurs because the company hasn't perfected its marketing process. BMG has a superb track record for quickly identifying the obstacles and opportunities and taking repositioned brands to the next level.

Companies looking to outsource a majority of your marketing efforts.

BMG is a full-service agency. We typically handle everything for our clients from brand positioning, naming, and corporate identity, to website design, search engine optimization (SEO), collateral design, partner strategies, direct mail, public relations (PR), print, radio, and TV advertising. This keeps the brand consistent and provides for efficient rollout. We are also continually advised by leading experts in each area to stay on top of the latest techniques. BMG will not insist on handling all the marketing for a client, but where we have, we have produced the most exceptional results. For most our clients, we serve as their outsourced marketing department, reporting to the CEO, President, and/or Vice President of Marketing.

Companies ranging from Hundreds of Thousands to Millions in annual revenue.

BMG specializes in midsized businesses. All our processes have been optimized to grow midsized businesses fast. We do have some outliers serving early stage businesses and a multi-billion dollar business, but the majority of our work is with midsized businesses, that require high levels of strategic guidance and can reasonably fund appropriate levels of strategic marketing campaigns.

Or an early-stage business with a robust business plan.

Getting the brand right from the start is fastest way to ensure marketing success. Starting from a strong brand foundation, streamlines your business, making it much easier to manage and grow. The marketplace is extremely competitive and unforgiving if your business is not highly differentiated. If your company doesn't speak brand, there is simply no reason to be in business.

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